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Laser Dentistry


laser_dentistry.jpgWaterlase Dentistry uses Hydrophotonics, which is water and laser technology that is less traumatic than a drill. This laser is used for treatment of hard and soft tissues. The Waterlase MD, from Biolase Technology, Inc., is a revolutionary dental tool that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures. Approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration for use in many kinds of dental work – from fixing cavities to preparing teeth for crowns and root canals – the Waterlase laser is being used by thousands of dentists worldwide. The combination of laser and water provides a quick and unique cutting action that is precise and gentle. Laser-assisted dentistry gives us a big advantage in providing excellent clinical care with maximum patient comfort. Please call our office at 251-447-0627 for further information or to schedule an appointment.